Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Musica: Clubhouse Jamboree forever!

I keep saying this is the best party of the year and people still do not believe me. Sunday saw me trekking to Prospect Park in Brooklyn for Li'l Ray's 15th annual Clubhouse Jamboree in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Chicago DJ Jamie 3:26 (above) performed and really got the crowd worked up (see video here, here, here and here).

Then came the legendary DJ Spinna (above) who had a truly inspired set (check it out here).

Seen: Former Jamboree headliner Brian Coxx from Soulgasm (above, in the cool sneakers). More of him here. And...

Supah'star Karizma who headlined in 2006 (more here).

Best thing? Li'l Ray! Who puts these things together year after year after year and promises to do it for 15 more years! For free! Which is amazing because he avoids and hates self-promotion. Still, the guy was great enough to keep my cell phone after I lost it (!) and returned it to me yesterday even though he had to drive from Long Island to Manhattan to do the deed. Talk about a great guy!

One of the many reasons I truly believe the Clubhouse Jamboree is my favorite event of the summer.


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