Saturday, October 25, 2008

Musica: Róisín Murphy in NYC

OMG! So perhaps I should have been sh*t'in' in my pants last night but I still could not believe that I was at Róisín Murphy's first ever solo show in NYC (which understandably was sold out).

Róisín stuck mostly to songs from her last album ("Overpowered") which was OK. Unfortunately she also neglected a great deal of her past catalogue as the lead singer for the band Moloko which produced one of the greatest unsung albums in pop music history ("Statues").

Leaving all of that behind, I did rejoice! The show was amazing even if the place was too crowded. Murphy seemed thrilled at how many people showed up and the gays were certainly giving her lotsa love.

And she certainly lived up to the haut-couture expectations by changing into a new outfit for almost every song (photos below).

For the sake of objectiveness, I must say that the following Moloko video (and song) is among my all-time favorites:

So even if the sound quality hardly matches, I was thrilled that Murphy sang "Forever More" last night in a retooled version (yup! That's me singing along as well):

Luckily I was also able to capture "Primitive" also from the "Overpowered" CD:

as well as the title song:

Make sure you click on the high-quality link below each YouTube video.

Upcoming US Tour: By the way, Arjan says that Ms. Murphy plans to come back in March of 2009 and tour some other major US cities such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Austin for the South by Southwest music fest.

Official Sites:
  • Roisin Murphy's official website here
  • Roisin Murphy's MySpace page here
  • Roisin Murphy's MySpace Remixed page here
A sample of Roisin's attire:
The furry feather thingie with shades and cap on...

The little red riding hood thingie....

And the vulture allure thingie with a flat moon hat (we assume you already noticed the deer for shoulder-pads thingie in the "Overpowered" video).

PLUS: One of my videos is now featured on Roisin's official page! Brilliant!


Unknown said...

Thanks for this, Andres! She is new to us, and now my partner and I are in love!:)

Francisco (Melvin) Rosario said...

Boo! I'm so bummed I missed her ... I've been listening to Overpowered pretty non-stop since a gay coworker introduced me to her vocal stylings.

Anonymous said...

Check this out also: The best Roisin site ever!!

Lake said...

Qué genia! Ojalá venga a Buenos Aires algún día...

Anonymous said...