Saturday, January 17, 2009

Donate ten bucks! Help the Lesbian and Gay Bands of America represent us at the Presidential Inaugural Parade

Inauguration week is finally here and I have a feeling that in the hours ahead we will produce some amazing moments in ways that will compare and perhaps surpass the moment that election returns showed that Barack Obama would become the 44th President of the United States.

Although I won't be in DC, I know a few people who are either on their way or will be making their way this weekend. Some are members of The Lesbian and Gay Bands of America which will be performing during Tuesday's Presidential Inaugural Parade on Tuesday. It is the first time ever that a LGBT organization has been extended an invitation to march at the Parade.

Led by blogger Mike Rogers of BlogActive and PageOneQ, a number of bloggers have decided to unite as BANDING TOGETHER in calling for donations to cover the costs of bringing, feeding and hosting participating marchers who will be traveling from all over the United States.

Making a donation is easy: Whether you can spare $10 bucks or $1,000, please consider making a donation by clicking here.

Here are some of the participating bloggers so far:
How to join BANDING TOGETHER: There is no official list of participating bloggers but if you would like to participate in BANDING TOGETHER follow the following steps: 1. Write about the BANDING TOGETHER action on your blog; 2. Use any of the great banners available here as a graphic in your post (courtesy of Mike Tidmus who created them) and direct readers to the following donation link:

Using this link will allow tracking of donations made through the BANDING TOGETHER blog action.


libhom said...

I'm sitting this one out. I'm boycotting everything to do with this homophobic and misogynistic inauguration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andres, Carol Boltz (My heart goes out…) put up a post about this today, too.