Saturday, March 21, 2009

Musica: F.O.K. Electrochongo

This has a story (it might be a boring story but at least it has a story). Sorta like the post I wrote on Thursday about the story behind those Nude Avenger photos, except this one has less tattoos. And is gayer.

Meet F.O.K. (left), founder of the electrochongo movement in Buenos Aires. He sometimes plays with Kumbia Queers and Peter Pank and the Lost Boys (check out their video for "You, your boyfriend and I" above).

F.O.K. added me as a friend on MySpace months ago but, because I don't check my MySpace page anymore, I sorta forgot.

Thing is, F.O.K. is friends with Mariano - who writes the great Spanish-language blog Lake y su bizarre streaming - which is how F.O.K. found me and added me to his MySpace friends (I told you it was a boring story!).

Anyway, today I found a message from F.O.K. from last year alerting me he'd recorded a cover of Alaska y Dinarama's "Ni Tu Ni Nadie" but that was back in July! He is now finishing producing a 2nd album with the tentative title of "Kultura Kareoki".

So with apologies to F.O.K. for taking this long, here is everything (and probably more than you'd want to know) about F.O.K:
Here is F.O.K. performing a live version of the very Alask'ish and Dinaram'ish "Give me back my CD's":

F.O.K. on stage (too bad about the sound quality):

Oh, btw, nalgas.


Some Other Guy said...

LOL! I called my partner 'nalgas' this morning!

Lake said...

He's a nice guy and i think he never stops working on his music, either composing, playing live or promoting his music and gigs both online and offline.