Tuesday, May 05, 2009

About those NOM ads on Blabbeando...

I would like to extend a hearty welcome to the National Organization for Marriage and their advertising on Blabbeando!

"Who are they?," you may ask yourself.

You know - NOM. The organization that brought us the infamous 'A Storm is Coming' ad and which stands against marriage equality, despite their pretty name.

Not that NOM specifically planned to run ads on blogs that counter their homophobic vile or that I, as a blogger, manually accepted their advertising.

Their ads, actually, come courtesy of Google's AdSense service which is supposed to automatically match advertisements on a specific topic with the most appropriate websites by analyzing which words are most frequently used on the site (in this case, Blabbeando contains a lot of words related to gay issues and since the NOM ads are all about the gays - in a negative way - it's an instant match!).

Other queer blogs currently running the ads include NGblog, The Bilerico Project, QUEERTY and GoodAsYou, among others.

Here is the thing: Every time you click on the ad, you will be redirected to the NOM website - which means that NOM has to pay Google for the click-through! Yes! By clicking on the ads, you will take money away from NOM!

So, click away and enjoy the ludicrous messages on the NOM site. Blabbeando will be thankful and you can rest assured that featuring the ads does not mean that we have, all of a sudden, switched sides to the Dark Force.

(UPDATE @ 7:00PM EST: The AdSense ads are gone a mere hours after they started to appear. Perhaps NOM caught wind that their ads were being queeryfied. Or perhaps they could only afford a few hours of AdSense exposure).

(UPDATE @12:01AM EST WED. MAY 6TH: They are baaaaaack!!! CLICK CLICK CLICK away!!!)



Lake said...

I showed my husband the ad the other day. He was shocked... Even if we're from South America!

Nat G said...

I think that NOM and Blabbeando should form an alliance. NOM-BLA has a certain ring to it, don't you think?

Dave said...

this is old news. See http://thestrippodcast.blogspot.com/2009/04/marketers-discover-carrie-prejean.html