Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What you learn from Twittering, Pt. 1: Maxwell is possibly probably not gay

Lord knows we have been waiting for a megazillion years for something new from neo-soul God Maxwell. Over on MySpace, when MySpace was hot, he kept promising that a new release was in the works but the years passed and... nothing.

Finally he posted a snipped from what he said would be his new single and, unfortunately, it was fairly disappointing (the video is out: "Pretty Wings").

Now comes word that Maxwell is about to release three albums over the next three years titled BLACKsummersnight, blackSUMMERSnight and blacksummersNIGHT. Yes, he's always had a way with words.

Also, Maxwell is on Twitter. And he's been trying his damnest as of late to prove that he is the 'real' Maxwell by uploading Twitterpics of himself misbehaving.

Which means him, rapper Nas, a big bottle of champagne, Cuban cigars, and three scantly clad girls partying like some cheap-ass rap video in Turks & Caicos Islands.

Me thinks the man is trying hard to fight back all the gay rumors that surfaced back in the day as well as more recent gossip that his new music had been pushed back from being released because the lyrics of some of the songs were explicitly homoerotic.

That might all be nothing more than online chatter. Not sure I care if Maxwell is gay, bi or whatever. I will say, though, that he remains an incredibly beautiful man. I just hope the new music is good. Just a suggestion: You don't need to pimp it up to prove yourself.

Here's Maxwell talking about his new project with the Associated Press:

  • Maxwell's official webpage here
  • Maxwell's MySpace page here
  • Maxwell on Twitter here
  • Maxwell on YouTube here


Marga said...

Those girls are strategically hiding from the camera like their parents better not find out. I hate hotel room parties because I'm always one door down.

Ron Buckmire said...

Maxwell is phyne but does anyone think this video will stop the rumors??