Sunday, June 21, 2009

What you learn from Twittering, Pt. 2: Ricky Martin is possibly gay, possibly bisexual

In gossip years, this is old news by now, even if the article hasn't even been published yet or posted online - and even if rumors of Ricky Martin being gay go back to the last century.

As of now, it's just a Twitter sensation by the mere fact of TVaquí Puerto Rico sending a 'tweet' to Perez Hilton asking him to cover their upcoming 'exclusive':
  • Original June 15th Twitpic of magazine cover and Perez Hilton request here.
  • Perez Hilton post here.
  • TVAquí follow-up saying they 'made news' by the mere fact of being mention on Perez here.
And they did. The gossip sites went into overdrive. All because the Twitter message said "Ricky Martin talked to our editor Saudy Rivera and accepted his heart could belong to male or a female...more in our next issue" [The magazine cover says more or less the same thing, in Spanish: Ricky Martin acepta la posibilidad de que su corazón tenga 'dueño o dueña'].

Take that with a grain of salt, though. Ricky Martin was probably answering a question that he must have been asked a million times in the last decade and perhaps inadvertently slipped. He has, at times, denied that he is gay and spoken about his relationships with women. At other times he has been more circumspect, telling reporters that his private life is none of their business and that he would rather not say a thing out of respect for his family.

But, seriously, if Ricky Martin wanted to come out, would he really do it in TVaqí? The same magazine that has another headline on the lower right corner of the same cover that says "Travesti Félix Chevremont had his first homosexual encounter at 13 years of age"?

Or the same magazine that runs an online poll asking readers "What do you think about Ricky's sexuality?" and breaks the options down as "He's all man", "He could be bisexual", "He could be homosexual" or "He has as put me in doubt?"

You mean that if Ricky Martin is gay or bisexual he is less of a man because of it? Or that people could doubt his manliness if he was?

Yup, that's TVaquí for ya! Using a supposed 'gay scoop' to draw readers and sending it around to gay sites to have them increase their traffic - at the same time the 'editors' call us less than men. UGH.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments and honesty. This is bad, and not because of just the irresponsible journalism but also the irresponsible response from the gay community and the attitude of intolerance from so many. So it is nice to see someone look for the truth, whether right, wrong or indifferent, it should not matter, but when the proof is right in front of us (actual video), how can we then believe something untrue?