Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What you learn from Twittering, Pt. 3: El Residente has bedroom eyes

Reggaeton-Cumbiamberos-Bachata-Electro-Pop-Rockeros Calle 13 recently began to Twitter at Calle13Oficial. Currently they are touring Spain and lead singer El Residente was generous enough to stop for a moment last night and post this hotel room pic.


They are one of my favorite bands out there, even if they might be a bit unpolitically correct, and have always had a social conscience behind their lyrics, which makes them sound didactic and boring but...

In May I shared some of El Residente's thoughts on HIV/AIDS (The fight against HIV in Latino communities gets a new ally).

Below is the video for one of their latest singles, Pal Norte on MTV vids. Enjoy...

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Qvato said...

why u postin pictures of my hubby? i'm in the baffroom brushin my teeth in this shot. =oP