Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some self-promotion: Go read about me and how great I am!

OMG! My friend (and amazing queer activist) Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano, who writes for, told me he'd be writing something about the homophobic poll Univision removed from their sites over the weekend and asked me for a photo he could use for the piece.

Instead, he goes an writes this: "LGBT Latino, Andrés Duque, a Force To Be Reckoned With". Click on the link if you dare and read on.

Gack! Or perhaps *blush*!  Thanks, Lorenzo!

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Adrover said...

Here in Puerto Rico, the community has been under constat attack by the local media, the fundamentalist conception of protestantism that has been growing since the seventies and the state. I support your effort and congratulate your achievements.

Saludos desde la absurda y kafkaesca actualidad que llamo mi hogar.