Thursday, May 26, 2011

Live video event: "Queer Prom 2011" from Chicago

Tomorrow Friday, May 27th, Chicago's National Museum of Mexican Art will be hosting "Queer Prom 2011".
The annual event, currently on its seventh year, will be themed "Unapologetically Fierce / Orgullozamente Feroz" and draw inspiration from the activism of queer youth on immigration and LGBT rights.

From the press release:
A new law in Alabama (SB 256) has targeted undocumented youth from attending any extracurricular school activities, including prom. Many young LGBT students of color experience this dual identity. Yet, they continue to boldly come out of the closet in multiple ways. Please join us in celebrating these unapologetically fierce youth who continue to make strides within the LGBT movement.
This year, Blabbeando is proud to be a media sponsor and, to that effect, this blog will be carrying a live video-feed of the main program scheduled to begin at approximately 8pm Central Standard Time (see the USTREAM video window below).

The event is an opportunity for queer and non-queer students in the predominantly Latino Chicago neighborhood of Pilsen to celebrate their prom in a safe-space. The event presented by Radio Arte’s youth produced radio programs Homofrecuencia and Qphonic.

Once the live feed is over, the event will remain on USTREAM so, even if you miss it, make sure to come back and watch it.

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