Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chile: "We are all women, we are all different, we are all equal, we are all transsexual"

I have already introduced you to some great transgender rights spots that have been produced recently in Argentina.

Now comes this brand new ad produced by the Transsexual Organization for the Dignity of Diversity and funded by the Chilean government with the theme of equality for transgender women.

Very much like this groundbreaking ad, I love the fact that, image-wise, the vibe is a positive one and not a gloomy one. The one reservation I have about it is that while one of the persons in the ad says that she does not want to be treated as if she has an illness, another woman calls being transgender a "condition".  It probably stems from transgender women being told all their lives that their identity is a condition, specially in countries where you have to get diagnosed as such before being allowed gender-reassignment surgery.

Here is the full ad. Turn 'annotations' on for my on-screen translation:

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