Monday, February 13, 2012

Ricky Martin's 'Ché' is is not the 'Ché' you think it is

Speaking of Ricky Martin: Broadway previews of the new "Evita" begin on March 12th and Martin has been busy preparing for his role as 'Ché'.

Back in November a Cuban exile group in Florida organized a protest against Martin calling him to task for glorifying the life of iconic Communist revolutionary leader Ché Guevara ("Cuban exile group stages hilarious protest against Ricky Martin").

At the time I pointed out that the original concept of the Ché character in "Evita" was not based on Guevara and now we have confirmation.

An excerpt from a Playbill article posted on February 10th:
The narrating role of 'Ché' is reverted to the way it was written for the original concept album – as an 'everyman' of the lower/working class, serving as the voice of the people; not Che Guevara. Using Che Guevara as inspiration for the role was a choice made by Hal Prince when staging the original production.
Sorry angry Cuban American right wing extremists from Florida. You lose again.


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