Monday, August 15, 2005

House of Xavier

A friend of mine, Emanuel Xavier Posted by Picasa, sent this message out this weekend. I'm happy to pass it along:
Out of all the things I have been fortunate enough to accomplish, the one that I am most proud of is creating the House of Xavier's annual Glam Slam. Back in 1998, the whole concept of a poetry ball and a House defined by spoken word was so new and fragile.Some of the earliest members weren’t even interested in poetry and were simply looking for a more traditional House to make names for themselves which, to their credit, they went on to do with great effect. At the time, fresh off the heels of Pier Queen and about to publish my first novel, Christlike, I barely had enough time to make my presence known at the balls and things looked very bleak.But I just kept doing my thing because the ultimate goal was to make a significant contribution through spoken word while, at the same time, paying tribute to the ballroom scene which had inspired me. Fortunately, I had Mother Diva Xavier on my side- one of the most incredible people I am blessed to call a friend.She believed in this and stood by my side even when everyone else doubted and questioned my motives. Without Mother Diva Xavier and everyone who supports these events, not to mention the amazing talent that comes out every year to spit on the mic, the annual Glam Slam would simply be history. Please check out the new website at and, if you happen to be in "Nueva York" next year during Gay Pride, come check it out for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, how are you? Hope and believe you're doing well. I want to comment on you post "House of Xavier".

When I was introduced to his book of poems "Pier Queen", I was flabbergasted. His word were very touching and profound, I fell in love with his Art. It inspired me to write about our own Ghetto Latino experiences and emotions. I had the chance to speak with him and communicate my passion for what he does. He was a sweet heart, a very kind and grounded individual. Humility and self respect was what I got from him and that’s a great quality to keep after all the publicity and recognition he’s had throughout his career.

I have read every single one of his book of poems as well as his novels and every time I finish one of them, I have to go back and read it for a second time because I can’t get enough, I am very proud of him because he is a true example of what a proud Latino should be. Thanks for Blogging and sharing this with others.

Oh…by the way, I got your blog address out of another member. I am new to the blog experience, but I am love it so far. I have a blog page in case you want to check it out. Thanks again.