Monday, September 19, 2005

My New York: Beautiful People

So this blog has some benefits: I recently blogged about how much I like the new Blaze single, "Most Precious Love," featuring Barbara Tucker. Well, my friend Noel alerted me to one of the things I love this city for so much: A free summer concert at Brooklyn's Prospect Park featuring - who else - Miss Barbara Tucker (as well as the great DJ Spinna). Aparently this was the 12th so-called Clubhouse Jamboree (where was I the last 11 years?) and summer blessed us with a beautiful day. The setting was sublime, a great crowd dancing under the shade of some trees. Miss Tucker, who had just flown in from Ibiza, didn't dissapoint and introduced a couple of songs from her upcoming album as well as the classics: "Beautiful People," "I Get Lifted," and "Most Precious Love."

DJ Spinna's set also lifted up to some euphoric heights. At one point I was sitting on the bass while I took some pictures and, damn, you could really feel that pulse surge through you! Unfortunately his set got cut short when the system went down.

Amazing day. More photos here.

[...and if you are in New York tomorrow Tuesday, have ten bucks to spare, and want a chance to see and hear Barbara Tucker, just head to Discotheque at 17 W 19th Street around 10PM. She'll be joined by chanteuse Joi Cardwell, Danny Krivits and members of Blaze and the Basement Boys]

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