Sunday, October 02, 2005

Argentina outing: The U.S. gay journalist who touched the world

Ah, those crazy newspapers from Argentina.

An excerpt from today's INFOBAE (translated by yours truly):

He is gay and doesn't hide it, he made himself known for CNN's coverage of the catastrophe caused by the hurricanes. Post-modern and irreverent, he did not suppress his tears when he saw the disasters that nature produced.

Anderson Cooper, the CNN journalist, moves the world with his excellent descriptions and sensitive reports...

Without hiding his homosexuality, at 38 years of age, and his hair gone completely silver, the journalist has not denied himself [the opportunity] to pose for magazines such as
Maxim or Esquire. Nevertheless, when it came time to cover the natural disasters, Anderson did not have any qualms about showing himself a little unkempt, due to the limited access in the affected areas to showers, clothing and make-up.
Ah, did anyone tell INFOBAE that Cooper has not come out yet?


Anonymous said...

I thought he was already out. I thought I read that somewhere before Musto's column.

Blabbeando said...

B - Don't think so. Here's an article from the Seattle Weekly that was just published on Sept. 20th, 2005.