Monday, October 17, 2005

Oh! The horror...

What does it mean when your favorite new television show uses songs from your favorite album so far this year in two consecutive episodes as a soundtrack to the drama unfolding with one of your favorite characters on network television as played by one of your favorite actors? MUST mean something! But for the love of god I can't figure out what! The horror!

But when it's been a while since the United States music industry paid any attention to Roisin Murphy (or her former band Moloko, for that matter) - and I don't believe her album has even been picked for distribution in the United States - we must be thankful for small favors (and the exposure).

We must thank the TV show's Music Supervisor Alexandra "where-can-I-get-a job-like-that" Patsavas for her keen music taste and hope for more groovy tunage down the line.

And let's hope to see Roisin Murphy performing live in the United States sometime soon...

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