Thursday, October 13, 2005

What they do to gay politicians who support Mayor Bloomberg

The Politicker, recently named the best political blog by both the Village Voice AND the New York Press in their annual "Best of New York 2005" issues, floated a twin rumor a couple of weeks ago that former (and openly gay) Manhattan Borough President candidates Margarita Lopez and Brian Ellner were on the verge of endorsing Michael Bloomberg.

Brian's endorsement of Bloomberg (and announcement that he would be working for the Bloomberg campaign) came yesterday. Today, it was Margarita's turn.

Some in the NYC LGBT political world are apoplectic about their moves and the digitally re-touched campaign flyer above made enough rounds to be picked up in a story that runs in today's New York Post (which loves to see gays get all apoplectic and stuff).

I am sure that Brian Ellner, a smart and charismatic guy who might have ran for Manhattan Borough President too soon in a multi-candidate field, has his reasons to go for Bloomberg and he is entitled to them. As for Margarita, it was no secret that - of the Democratic City Council members - she undoubtedly had a close relationship with Bloomberg even before she announced her run for Manhattan Borough President. The fact that Fernando Ferrer did not ultimately endorse Margarita (and in fact was seen hanging out with another Latino Manhattan Borough President candidate, Adriano Espaillat), must have hurt deeply.

I was having a conversation with my boyfriend about Mike Bloomberg and gay issues and I told him that, while I disagreed with his stand on many of them, I did not think he was a homophobe. Which is why I dislike the kind of mud-slinging (including image above) that characterizes some exchanges in the NYC LGBT political community.

Brian and Margarita have made a desision and they are entitled to it. I still think that Ferrer will be better than Bloomberg on LGBT issues, part of why I am voting for him. But I also think there is room to allow these two community leaders to form their own opininion and go with Bloomberg.

UPDATE: Here is Gay City News' take on the endorsements which was just posted on their website.


Anonymous said...

I know they are both entitled to their opinions, but I'm still outraged that these two, who campaigned all summer as "progressives" opposed to the Republican agenda, have chosen to support Republican Mike Bloomberg. The same Bloomberg who has such a terrible record on LGBT issues including but not limited to his opposition to the Dignity for Students Act, the Equal Benefits Bill, and the base and homophobic appeal his administration has filed against gay marriage. The same Bloomberg who fills Republican coffers with his own money and who last year handed over the city to the RNC while cracking down on all of our civil liberties. Remember all those false arrests intended to intimidate us from expressing our disgust at the Republican agenda? Anyone who needs proof should head down the last Friday of every month to Union Square -- at the edge of Margarita's own district no less -- to watch his police department in action. I realize that it's about politics and that they both need jobs but I certainly am not interested in hearing her in particular lecture people about progressive politics and their responsibility to the movement.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are both entitled to endorse whomever they want, but in the case of Ellner at least, this may come back to bite him in the butt. He's a newbie on the political scene and if he hopes to run for another office in the future, people will no doubt remember this. Certainly any smart opponent with legitimate progressive credentials.

Margarita may have run her last race and thus feels she was doing what politicans do when they feel snubbed.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope it comes back to bite him on the butt many times over.

I find it disgusting that a man would willingly exploit his own community and then so quickly turn his back on it.

Anonymous said...

Whereas Margarita has immersed herself slowly into the hopefully warm (and well-deserved?)bathwater of political hackdom, Brian has taken the plunge like a gay Polar Bear at Coney Island on New Year's Day. You go boy!

Anonymous said...

Ellner was even more disgusting than Lopez because at least SHE made no secret of her fondness for the mayor. Ellner, on the other hand, built his entire campaign out of harshly criticizing the mayor, the Republican party, and George W. Bush! Ellner is a HYPOCRITE who turned to Bloombucks for a job.