Thursday, November 03, 2005

Time for some good ol' butt

OK - I promised a break from politics so it's time for some good ol' butt down Kentucky way.

Or at least "Things I've Found In My Butt," a new addition to Blabbeando's 'Personal Links' which is very far removed from our daily New York City living but, oh, so rad. Read and weep as Steven (pictured) deconstructs every single reality show on earth and a few pop stars for good measure.

Steve on MTV's Making the Band mogul P. Diddy:

Does P Diddy really know what it takes to make it big in the music industry, or does he just have the money to push his own favorites on through to the MTV viewing public? I think he really doesn't know what good is [also] why isn't he gay? I mean, I don't want him to be gay, but he sure looks and acts it... all elitist and shit?
On MTV's The Real World:
The Boston boy got his ass beat in one of the first episodes, but I'd still do him
On Boy Bands from the '90's:
I never knew that BSB (Backstreet Boys) were bad enough to have a Behind the Music. I'm so impressed. *Rushes out to buy the latest album.* I love bad boy bands. They did like hard core drugs!!!! Rock on, sugar-pop-boys! They make N'SYNC seem so.....Avril Lavigne Poser. Rad! Maybe next up is Vanessa Carlton's addiction to moisturizer? Or maybe Kelly Clarkson is a dirty girl with a large collection of different-sized vibratros and a case of assorted-flavored lube. Nice!
And then there's his take on David Banner and his song "Play":
It sounds like it would be a really pretty song. I mean, David Banner totally sounds like the name of a wholesome pop star from the UK. I was sooooo wrong. He's a rapper!!!! And this rapper or whatever is a pretty dirty mofo. The lyrics to "Play" are off the hook... Some of the lyrics include the following...
Well, let's say you'll have to jump on over to Steve's site and find out just how dirrrrrty it can get.


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