Monday, November 07, 2005

Vote tomorrow and California-bound

OK, gentle readers. Tomorrow is election day in several states and I hope you go out there and vote. Now, while the papers and political wonks will analyze every bit of information that they get from street-interviews, voting tallies and polls, be happy that I will leave them to their task and not bore you with analysis. May your favorite candidate win!

In the meantime, have you ever had one of those weeks that seems like a sucker-punch and you don't know what hit? Well, I'm coming one of those and still a little frazed (though clarity has been reached). Luckily Wednesday I am off to Oakland and then to one of the nicest cities in the United States, San Diego, where I hope to regain some sense and renew my energies (yes, I wasn't just being nice about not posting post-election analysis, I just won't be here to do so!).

Not sure how much access I'll have to the net while I am there so postings might be intemittent. There might be something in Thursday's issue of Gay City News from me so be sure to check their website that evening. It relates to some of the recent postings on the blog so I'm sure you'll be interested.

There might be yet a couple of posts before I leave New York. But, in the meantime, I guess I'll also take an opportunity to thank the many people, friends and strangers, who have reached out and told me how much they liked the blog. Coolness!

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Anonymous said...

glad you'll get a vacation in there, andres. but you seem so non-stop i wouldn't be surprised if you end up creating an organization while in san diego!