Friday, February 24, 2006

The church of David Papaleo (a/k/a Ex-Porn Star Tom Katt)

OK, this might be a bit off-subject, considering that I rant mostly about Latino stuff but stories like these actually fascinate me.

Turns out one of the biggest gay porn stars of the last decade, who I briefly met at a gay pride parade here in Manhattan, says that he has retired from gay porn, found Jesus Christ, thought he was bisexual but now knows for certain he is straight, has retired his Tom Katt porn name (he responds to David Papaleo now), wants to become a priest and, get this, still thinks that God loves gays and lesbians and that they should have the right to marry!

As someone who thinks that sexual identity is more fluid than people give it credit, I will take Mr. Papaleo's statements at face value. What is different about his statements and those of so called "Ex-gays" that some conservative churches trot out to media to prove that sexual identity can be changed, is that the so-called change also comes with a repudiation of homosexuality and the argument that to be in God's graces one must abandon one's identity (or, in their words, one's 'lifestyle').

In an interview with the Dallas Voice published today, Mr. Papaleo does not argue that people can change their sexual identity, he does not argue that being gay means you are evil and says that his new-found belief in Christianity was not a catalyst for now leading a straight life (he is now a married man).

He does share some other interesting points of view.

Of his experience as a porn star he says: "I don't think that erotica or sexuality is a bad thing. I believe that sex is the strongest physical expression of love to another person. But porn is not an expression of love. It's empty and cold. There is nothing wrong with sex. God made sex, too."

As for Christian fundamentalists preaching against gays: "So many people are shunned or feel like they've been pushed away from God - that God doesn't want anything to do with them. I want to tell as many people as I can that that is an absolute lie. God loves everybody. He made you the way you are [...] Don't let anyone tell you you're less than anything in God's eyes."

I say, give the man a church!

UPDATE: David Papaleo shows us love, we show love back (March 1, 2006)


Anonymous said...

And he's got the Dallas Tejano Democrats endorsement, that's just too crazy!

Anonymous said...

I see this as all a publicity stunt.

I don't believe in what born again Christian people call sexual conversion or the whole "ex" gay bullshit that they try to sell that's really brain washing.

Sure some hetero guys do actually try sex with men but it's usually not done as adults and it's something that they'll try once and say well that wasn't for me.

Hetero guys certainly don't become male prostitutes, gay porn stars, and make an entire career out of having sex with men.

Anyone who says they're "gay for pay" is usually a homosexual or bisexual in denial.

Especially if they can get hard and get off on their own accord in the midst of sucking, fucking, or getting fucked by a guy.

No straight man gets off by being fucked by a guy, sucking another guy, fucking a guy, or being blown by another guy.

That's Bi at the very least.

It's like "gay" for pay porn stars think it's more acceptable to be 'gay for pay' and claim they're straight.

I think he's full of it. He made the choice to be in gay porn, use drugs, be a male prostitue, and become self loathing. No one made him do it.

And as for becoming heterosexual or always being that way? That's a crock too. If you are gay or bi, you will ALWAYS gravitate back to cock. Plain simple fact.

I think it's probably just a marketing gimick since lots of gay and bi men revere straight men and see heterosexual men as the ultimate symbol of masculinity. LOL

He can call himself "straight" all he wants but he's just fooling himself if he believes that he's heterosexual or always has been.

I've seen this argument tons of times from closeted bi and gay men who are married or who are in complete denial about themselves.

He's trying to argue that he was somehow forced into having sex with men but if you've ever seen his videos it's clear that he's enjoying himself and isn't forced into anything. ;)

Anyway, let's just say that Papaleo is "straight" (I'm not saying that he is).

If he is hetero why'd he get into gay porn in the first place? Why'd he stay in it for years and become a male escort? Why'd he make such a big deal about once being bisexual and then becoming "straight" once he found the confining dogma of born again Christianity, instead of retiring from the porn biz and just quietly fading into the background? Why did he have sex with a high number of men as sex partners, probably a higher number than most gay men ever will in their entire lives?

Maybe it's just all a gimmick so that people will try to buy up his videos? I bet he's still accepting all of those checks. :D

Anonymous said...

As long has he remains a friend of the gay community, I really don't mind the rest. Whether I really believe he is straight, well that's something else.

Unknown said...

I do believe that human sexuality is not as cut and dry gay.straight as most gay people seems to think. I consider my a gay man but I have dated women in the past and had no problem being physically attracted. That said, I am just much more attracted to guys. I hate when gay people are so arrogant in thinking they are somehow experts on the the expression of human sexuality. Your experience being totally gay is, your experience.