Thursday, March 16, 2006

Update: Man in custody, details emerge in killing of Chad Ferreira in SF

In "Latino gay man killed in San Francisco" (Feb. 9, 2006), I linked to a Bay Area Reporter article that described the brutal beating and death of 27-year-old Chad Ferreira. Today, the B.A.R. reports that a 24-year-old man named Kyle Adams pleaded not guilty to one charge of manslaughter and two charges of assault in the San Francisco Superiour Court after claiming that he beat Ferreira in self-defense to police authorities. The B.A.R. says that several witness accounts contradict this assertion and that Ferreira's mother, who was in court for the plea, "criticized authorities for charging the case as manslaughter and not murder."


Anonymous said...

To Andres Duque,

I have read your article on my son.

Thank You,
Chad's Mom

Anonymous said...

With much remorse for the family and friends of Chad Ferreira. Even though you may miss your loved one you must also tell the truth as to what really did happen that night. We all know that in reality the primary aggressor in the confrontation between Chad and Kyle was Chad. Chad did not know what had happened earlier that night between Kyle and Chads friend during there exchange of words. But still acted out on lack of self control and brutal anger knowing that he had a good chance of showing off to his friend with the background he has in Boxing and being a trained fighter. After looking for Kyle up and down the streets of Castro.To then find Kyle a few blocks down in front of Rolo on Market street where Kyle was on his way home after calling it a night.To then act out on his anger in confronting and attacking Kyle Adams. God watches out for good people and was with Kyle Adams that night and gave him the strength as the smaller less aggressive person that night to defend his self in a brutal attack by Chad Ferreira. I also suggest to all who was involved and all who want the one sided story of Chad Ferreira's friends to look at the witnesses and there history on telling lies and life being a model citizen. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous! How dare u speak on something you obviously dont know anything about! First of all Chad and the others never new what even happend between Kyle and chad's friend earlier that night. I was there and you obviously are speaking on hear say. Chad also never looked up and down the streets of Castro because first of all he never new about the previous incident and also I was walking along with him! And by the way the only person with the history of telling lies is YOU on this comment page. Dont speak of anything if you dont know what u are talking about!