Thursday, March 23, 2006

Update: NY Post story on Rashawn Brazell's dismemberment challenged

That story on new developments in the Rashawn Brazell murder that ran in Tuesday's New York Post?

Rashawn Brazell Memorial Fund has posted an editorial on their website that challenges most of the article including the fact that there's anything "new" to report and questions the timing of the article (as well as the NYPD's anonymous "leak").

They also say that the NYPD has asked Rashawn's mother, Desire Brazell-Jones, to cancel a march planned for April 15 (what would have been Rashawn's 21st birthday) that will end in front of the 79th Precinct Station to draw attention to Rashawn's murder and the lack of actions and leads from the NYPD.

Today, Gay City News reports that the NYPD is actually denying that the New York Post got their information from the police department. GCN also says that, while commending the 79th Precinct for handling the logistics of the upcoming march, Ms. Brazell-Jones is upset that she found out about the Post's story when she read it on Tuesday morning and says that the man the Post identified as Rashawn's boyfriend was actually NOT his boyfriend and was known to the family.

She also says that there is a feeling of disproportionate justice related to the media and police attention given to the recent murder of Imette St. Guillen: "I am very unhappy when this young lady's case came about to see what amazing energy the police showed on that compared to this case."

: April 15, 2006 - Participants will gather between noon and 1 p.m. at Nostrand Avenue and Fulton Street near the A train station. At 1 p.m., marchers will proceed the roughly 15 blocks to the 79th Precinct for a rally. Check for updates.

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