Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More fun with Steven

Back in November, in "Time for some good ol' butt" I introduced you to my friend Steven from Kentucky. Now, Steven has a Live Journal that he updates periodically (and through which he gets hit on by a plethora of guys all the time, the poor guy). Well, once in a while Steven blurts out something so unpoliticaly correct and funny about stuff that I have to quote him. Take Saturday's post:
  • Steven on Louisville's Flight 3 leather event: "I know I sound very bitchy here, but I just have never enjoyed anything leather aside from wallets, luggage, car seats, saddles, belts, and boots."
  • Steven on hanky codes (don't ask): "I'm sure all of you have giggled about seeing a really cute guy with a yellow hanky in his back pocket or totally been perplexed by someone with an rainbow assortment lighting up their 501's... There was a guy walking around with three hankies in his back right pocket--pink, baby blue, and brown, so Eric asks me, What the fuck does that mean? I thought I'd be creative and say You know in the game of Life when you acquire children and they are pink or baby blue? Well that means he has a daughter and a son. And the brown... 'Oh honey, I know what the brown means,' he said, 'but what does it mean all together, you can shit on my kids?????' OMG, I thought I was going to throw up I was laughing so hard! haha..."
  • Steven on recently watching Brokeback Mountain, for the first time, sitting next to his mom: "The initial sex scene made me blush some because I think it's the very first gay sex or gay intimacy that I had ever witnessed with my mom present. I really wasn't sure how she was going to react to it, so I was slightly embarrassed. Of course she totally thought it was hot...ugh, Mom! haha."
In any case, the good news this week is that Steven got test results from some medical scans that he needed to get and the results were great. Well, yay! Or, should I say, Rad!


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Anonymous said...

ANDRES!!! You are so awesome!!! hahaha. You make my head swell so big when you blog about me! I've given you a shout out on my LJ before, but you deserve so much more! haha.

Hugs baby!