Friday, April 21, 2006

Update: Demands for inclusive civil code reforms in the Dominican Republic

In "'Sexual liberty' language eliminated from Dominican Republic civil code reform draft" (March 28, 2006), I noted that several newspapers were reporting that the words "sexual liberty" would be removed from a draft amendment to the Caribbean island's civil code after conservative leaders and legislators warned that it would lead to the legalization of marriage rights for same-sex partners (those who authored the draft tried to argue that the language would not lead to any such thing but quickly decided to back off and said they would remove the offending language in order to "avoid confusion and misunderstanding").

The papers also said that, while the conservative response was swift and came from several quarters, there had been no visible support from anyone for keeping the "sexual liberty" language in the draft.

Well, word has come that this coming Tuesday a group of activists will be holding a march to demand an inclusive civil code that extends civil rights protections to, among others, women's rights, youth and children's rights, penalties against any type of discrimination and the right to sexual liberty (see image above).

I will post an update if I hear back from the marchers on Tuesday.

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