Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Update: Jasmyne Cannick also responds

In "THE BOTTOM LINE: Much ado about illegal immigration and gays," posted on her site earlier today, Jasmyne Cannick responds to an open statement signed by a number of LGBT people of color community activists challenging some of her comments on immigration in an opinion piece she wrote picked up last week by The Advocate magazine's online edition.

In today's post, Ms. Cannick says "no one is right and no one is wrong" and yet, she has a few more choice words to say about those who signed the statement (which includes yours truly). Funny thing, we both agree on the main argument that she makes "Gay rights, HIV/AIDS and immigration reform should not and cannot be the only issues that gays do coalition building on."

So, in closing, Ms. Cannick says: "Bottom line: At the end of the day, this conversation of who is right and who is wrong could go on forever. You are welcome to your opinion as I am welcome to my own. I will not be put into a box because I am Black lesbian nor will I will be bullied into silence by those who disagree with my article. My voice is my own when I cease to use it, it will be up to me and only me."

Go to the above link above to read the whole statement.

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