Friday, April 28, 2006

You Tube of the day: Gravitate to Me

Ok, never mind that I'm actually starting to look a little bit like Matt Johnson now that I have started to clip my hair short, or that this video actually looks like some of my short black and white films I did in college, but the You Tube find of the day is the video for The The's "Gravitate to Me."

The song, a hypnotic slow-burner from 1989's "Mind Bomb" album, is vintage The The, with its preocupation with flesh, bodily fluids, seedy hotel rooms, dominant female ghots, the Lynchian "Blue Velvet" tropes, birth, death and a saving light. It's a Charles Bukowski epic in 8 minutes and a half. Sorta erotic in some bizarre way (plus it has Johnny Marr on guitars, fresh off the disbanding of The Smiths).

What else can I say? Just sit back and enjoy!

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