Saturday, May 20, 2006

Frugal Splurging

It has been six months since my Macintosh i-Book laptop died a horrible noisy death on a sunny San Diego day. As those present will attest, I threw one of my few public tantrums and swore I would never touch (or buy) a Mac computer ever again! (Truth be told, I think I was using the moment to vent over life in general as well, so - yes - it was truly a "moment").

Now, I actually do not spend that much money on too much stuff (except perhaps music) but the passage of time has healed some of the Mac-hate (truth be told, deep inside, I'm a Mac-lovah, not a Mac-hatah).

Bernard seems to be going for the recently unveiled new MacBook, and then there's also Ronn Taylor's minute-by-minute report on tonight's opening of the latest Mac store in Manhattan. But my eye is on the 15" MacBook Pro that is a bit more expensive but Oh! So! Nice! (pictured above). Then there is also the news that Central Park will go WiFi and all of a sudden there seems to be some sort of astral alignment as well.

Should anyone wanna contribute toward my upcoming birthday gift to myself, just leave a reply! (hehe). Then again, let's see how much time I hold off before splurging.

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