Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Take it from Ms. Barrington: Bermuda in dire need of a gay community center

Take it from Ms. Sybil Barrington: "Bermuda is in dire need of a gay and lesbian centre where homosexuals could go for counseling and education."

In yesterday's Bermuda Sun, Ms. Barrington, also known as Mark Anderson when not in drag (pictured right), talks about teens in the Caribbean island who are struggling with their identity and have nowhere to go for support, counseling or advice.

The Sun says that Mr. Anderson was in the headlines last week when some objected to his alter ego, Ms. Barrington, being named as "Queen of the Gombeys" for the annual Bermuda Heritage Day Parade.

In yesterday's The Royal Gazette, there is also a lengthy profile of Mr. Anderson, who was born and currently lives in Bermuda, but has also recently performed at Sylvia's Restaurant in Harlem and other New York City clubs. He talks of perhaps bringing Harmonica Sunbeam to perform with him at an upcoming presentation scheduled for late June at City Hall and of his ultimate dream to perform with legend Patti LaBelle at the Bermuda Music Festival, where she is scheduled to appear.

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