Monday, June 26, 2006

Adrian Alun Dennis Exley's body sought by police

Following some unusual activity today on Blabbeando regarding my original May 25th post on the disappearance of British gay leather man, Adrian Alun Dennis Exley, I spent some of the afternoon trying to find additional information to confirm some apparent bad news regarding the case.

This morning someone with the blogger name of Spiderpoo left a reply that simply said "Poor Chip, will be missed xxx." I tried to check on that blogger name to see if I could contact Spiderpoo for additional info but all I found was a link to a blog in Adrian's name that has apparently been removed.

That was followed by a post half an hour later by a "Mark Noble" (no contact information left either): which said: "I knew Chip very well, and he was a lovely lad. His death is a complete shock to his friends and family. he will sorely be missed. At least maybe this might show people how dangerous 'internet dating' can be."

Checking UK and US newspapers through Google I failed to find anything recent related to this story but a search of other blogs came up with "Disturbing Resolutions" posted earlier this morning by reddywhp which leads to the following two articles posted in The Daily Item of Lynn:
reddywhp writes:
Gary Leblanc, AKA rubrman, of Boston was found dead on Friday. Gary has been the lead suspect in the disappearance of Adrian Exley. The articles suggest that a note found subsequent to Gary's death had led authorities to look for Adrian's body in Rhode Island
He also finds some confirmation of these facts in this article as well:
All of which seems to confirm that there will be no happy resolution although the Lynn police website has not posted an update on their original missing persons alert.



Anonymous said...

The outcome of this tragic event has deeply saddened me and I, like others, couldn't help guessing that the body uncovered last week would turn out to be Adrian's. I have followed this story ever since the message was put out on the Worldrubbermen site that Adrian was missing. I didn't know the guy personally, but knew his profile and also the workie-gear website he used to have. I do know that he provided the entertainment at a local pub to me some years ago now, under the name of Chip - although I didn't go that night, I heard the stories about what went on and wished I had've gone!! In my view, he was a good looking lad with a cheeky smile.

I'm sure the profile of the other guy mentioned looked familiar. I don't recall messaging the guy, but may have looked at each other's profile.

This sad event really has brought home to me the risks we take when looking to indulge ourselves in the things we enjoy. Because that is what it is - feeling good about ourselves for a few hours. Unfortunately, we think with other parts of the body and not our brains on these occasions. I have met up with guys that I didn't know and I think part of the thrill is exactly that - you don't really know them.

As the saying goes "...there, but for the grace of God, go I"

Anonymous said...

Adrians funeral is being held today in London at 12.30pm

Adrian will be laid to rest

Friday 14/07/06

Church of the Holy Trinity
Clapham Common

West Norwood Crematorium

Anonymous said...

this is spiderpoo sorry i missed your posting!if you still need to comtact me i will keep checking this site,although i think we now all know the sad conclusion.