Friday, June 02, 2006

Bermuda MPs trash sexual orientation non-discrimination bill

Sure, it happened last week, but the legislative body of one of the Caribbean's least homophobic islands managed to throw out from Parliamentary debate a bill that would have banned discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in Bermuda (a move that, in effect, killed the bill).

The move, which came as a shock to advocates who expected easy passage and left legislators struggling to explain themselves, drew editorial scorn from The Royal Gazette and OpEd writers such as Larry Burchall and Fred Barritt who rightly took legislators to task for failing to provide previously promised support for the bill.

The a Limey in Bermuda blog has been following developments much more closely that we could, digging up some Parliamentary hypocrisy in the process and challenging some of the excuses given by the legislators as to the failure of the bill.

Some good news, though, as noted in a photo caption in this Bermuda Sun article: Ms. Sybil Barrington (aka Mark Anderson, pictured above), was able to have her day in the sun
after all - despite protests at this year's Bermuda Heritage Day Parade (video here at 2:13 minutes)

  • "New York group accuses MP's of 'weaselling out'" (The Royal Gazette, June 2, 2006); The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission's Executive Director Paula Ettlebrick tells the Gazette: "Politicians are endorsing discrimination."

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