Sunday, June 11, 2006

Kevin Aviance attacked last night

This morning I got an e-mail from Reginald Harris that led to this link and the disturbing news that Kevin Aviance was attacked in the East Village last night. He was able to walk himself into Beth Israel for treatment for injuries that included a broken jaw.

Not surprisingly, the New York Daily News runs a scandalous headline and prints a photo of Kevin after the attack. Here is The New York Times take on it.

J's Theater has more on the attack here while Keith Boykin says that Clarence Patton of the New York City Anti-Violence Project told him that there were also reports of a similar attack here in Queens on Friday.

Happy gay pride?


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Anonymous said...

This is horrible. It seems that there is a wave of homophobia on the rise. I have noticed a lot of hate speak at work within the past two months. Its as if a memo was sent out to all the straight republicans out there that we are to be irradicated. Its a scary thing to think that all these years we have been fighting for equal rights to have them stipped away in the course of 8 years. (almost 8 years but im sure by the time IT is out of office the damage will be done)