Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The New York Press and its annual gay pride issue

That other free newsweekly, The New York Press, also has their annual gay pride issue out in the streets. It might be just as skimpy as The Village Voice's gay pride issue, but at least it has some content:

There is an up-to-the-minute report on recent anti-LGBT hate crime incidents (as well as last weekend's march and rally); a somewhat fluffy piece on Christine Quinn which I wish would have delved more into her considerable accomplishments since becoming New York City Council Speaker in December; a not so rosy look at the Exotic Erotic Ball; a point-of-view piece from a self-described 80's fag-hag; and a look at gay immigrants who have found "solace and support in NYC" (it's all good though I wish that there had been a little more subtlety in the piece since not every place outside the United States is as homophobic as the United States itself and, hey! There are some out immigrants who will go on the record as well and use their last names to say so!).

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