Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Survived 6-6-6! (and avoided a marriage amendment too!)

Ah, yes! That darn marriage amendment!

Aparently we have much, much, much to celebrate from today's proceedings in DC and elsewhere. You've probably heard all about it so let's get to stuff that you might have missed (or not?):

The Omen? Mia Farrow and Liev Schreiber were good, hottie Julia Stiles was miscast, the movie seems to be too much paint-by-the-numbers (rather than ominous exposition leading to outright fear), and the original remains superiously creepy (Liev is pictured 'cause he's just as big a hottie as Stiles and 'cause I had the pleasure of staring at him while he rested in between shots during my brief film production career in the '90's as he waited to film a scene in a movie that time forgot).

Ehem! Where were we? Ah yes! Trumped-up discriminatory practices for political gain (just as everything else is failing).
  • David Link has a great OpEd piece that ran today in the Los Angles Times on President Bush and the word 'gay.'
  • Anti-immigration flag-bearer Lou Dobbs (from CNN) says that the marriage amendment is "sheer non-sense" (Hm, where was he when the amendment was first introduced a couple of years back? Is he jumping on the 'beat-up-on-Bush' bandwagon? Enquiring minds want to know!).
  • Best: John Stewart tearing Bill Bennet to pieces on the marriage amendment here!

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