Saturday, June 03, 2006

Update: Hundreds demand gay rights in Bermuda

The Bermuda Sun and the Royal Gazette cover yesterday's Pro-Democracy Rally held outside the House of Assembly where most of the island's legislators were meeting for lunch. Counting the crowd at 500 and calling it "one of the biggest demonstrations in years," the Sun indicates that the rally organizers explicitly gathered to condemn the Parliament's refusal to debate a bill that would have made discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation illegal under Bermuda's Human Rights Act.

Today, the Royal Gazette also reports that some legislators inside the House of Assembly tried to get away through the back-door while the widow of the man who was able to get a sodomy law off the books in Bermuda was among the marchers in condemnation of the move by the MP's.

The Gazette also talks about the "power of signs" and reports that Ms. Sybil Barrington was also among the demonstrators.

In the Letters to the Editor, even the a Limey in Bermuda blog gets taken to task by one of the legislators trying to deflect responsibility.

While over at the Sun, Bermuda's Episcopalian Archdeacon Arnold T. Hollis states that the church in Bermuda, and society in general in Bermuda, is in crisis (but not necessarily for the reasons you might think).

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