Friday, June 02, 2006

Updates: Rashawn Brazell and Chad Ferreira

The Rashawn Brazell Memorial Fund has updated their website and have graciously featured some of the photos I took at the April 15th Memorial March organized by Rashawn's friends and family. In addition, the Fund has also launched a myspace page ( and a blog ( to further spread the word on Rashawn's life and death.

In the meantime, Cathy Smith, Chad Ferreira's mom, has also recently read our postings on her son's murder in San Francisco. She has left a comment thanking us for focusing on the case. Ms. Smith has criticized the fact that the man who is being held for the attack that took her son's life is not being charged with murder.

As with Rashawn's mom, Desire Brazell, we want to express our support and gratitude to women such as Ms. Smith who have stood up for their gay sons and demanded justice for their murders.

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