Thursday, July 27, 2006

Word is Willi Ninja is in the hospital

An e-mail message has been making the rounds with disturbing news that legendary Willi Ninja is in the hospital and not doing well. The original message, sent by ballroom house Mother Juan Aviance, says that Willi "is in the hospital amnd he's not doing well and may not make it through the weekend."

Emmanuel Xavier reminices:

"Willi recently stepped forward as yet another one of our most legendary ballroom figures living with HIV, lovingly referred to as "The Grandfather of Vogue." I've known Willi since I was barely legal and surviving at the West Side Highway piers as a hustler. They were just filming the documentary "Paris Is Burning" which would introduce the world to voguing and launch his career as a talented performer. Besides being amazing to watch on the dance floor, Willi Ninja remains one of the most beautiful and gifted souls of our community. He has reached so many people with his love and laughter. Willi was one of the very first people to support my dreams and ambitions as a writer and with the founding of the House of Xavier. Of course, I am simply one of many lives he has touched."

He also send out an excerpt from his poem "Legendary"

There are Gods amongst us in these ghettos
so black, so fierce,
so brown, so beautiful,
their time on earth may be as oppressive as ignorance
limited to the demons flowing in their blood
but after safely passing over back to the clouds
the wind will still carry their auras and prophecies
their bones will still beat drums for their children to dance'

the phoenix will still rise from the flames of
Paris with hope in womb

Over on Willi Ninja's page, someone called Aimee posted a message on the 24th that simply says: "[Willi] asked me to let his friends and fans know that he is sorry for not getting back to anyone that has emailed him but he hurt his back and is resting. He will answer you as soon as he feels better. Thank you again for your love and support. Have a wonderful day & God Bless."

Let's hope he does get better.


Anonymous said...

Willi is a beautiful person with one of the most sparkling lights inside his soul.
I have run into Willi through out my time in the nitelife of NYC
And he has always been good to me.

Great conversations when he did door.
A smile between performances.
And he could rip up the floor if you'd give him the chance.

I hope he gets better.
My thoughts are with him.

prdogboy said...

Willi Ninja not Goodbye see you at the after party

Saturday, September 09, 2006
Willi we will miss you!!!!

Dearest Willi,

I'm sorry I didn't get to say Goodbye in person but your vibrancy and Friendship will always remain in my heart... You where and Are "Legendary" and of course you were always the most "Fierce" You will be sadly missed and never replaced. Fond memories of Twelve West and your feather coat still float in my mind as I envision you on the dance floor and I see you envelop into Vogue with only the "Ninja Style" moves that you could carry off.....Thanks for being a friend through it all you always had a kind ear and a soft word for the weary.....Rest in Peace my Dear Willi and celebrate life in Heaven with the angels as you did on Earth your Grand Presence is now at the "After Party" and we will all catch up with you later. So its not Goodbye after all....

Much Love & Hugs

Brian Incorvaia