Thursday, August 03, 2006

Last we heard about CP...

Last we heard about CP on Blabbeando, he was giving us his thoughts on "Brokeback Mountain."

This morning, when I picked up the New York Times and saw a story on married men who take years to come to terms with their sexuality and begin to make the difficult choice of staying or leaving their marriages, CP came to mind and I planned to forward it to him
when I got to the office.

That is, before I read the last few paragraphs which actually mention his blog, Coming Out at 48, and quotes him on his experience. Not sure that CP was looking for quite that amount of attention when he began his blog but it felt like seeing a friend after a while of not hearing from him.

It's a truly amazing blog even if CP has indicated in the past that there is the possibility that there won't be any additional postings.

You should check it out sometime.

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