Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Super Sweet Fifteen

Ok, so I'll confess that the only reason I wanna see Quinceañera (which opens on Friday in New York and Los Angeles after getting some good and some not so good reviews in the festival circuit) is Jesse Garcia (pictured) playing what he calls a "gay cholo" (though we much prefer the term vato).

Call me a softie (or superficial), but I always fall for those cholo thug to vato thug love stories, as stereotypical as they may be (considering that the gringo producers wanted to make a movie of what they saw outside their comfy apartment windows near Echo Park in Los Angeles).

Now Michael Musto of the Village Voice reveals in tomorrow's issue that the movie was actually made with gay bareback porn money (the scandal!) and captures the film stars' horrified reaction.

Sure enough, you Google the facts and get the porn to Oscar-glory-bound story (pending Oscar glory). Any thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

He is hot!