Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My New York: Karizma blows up the joint

If you've been here recently, then you know that I had been plugging Saturday's 13th Annual Clubhouse Jamboree at Prospect Park ever since I had a blast last year at the 12th.

It might not have been as gloriously sunny as last year, but it didn't rain either and the temperature was just right. Diamond Temple and the Temple Dynasty did their soulful choir thing and took the whole throng to the heavens and back and Brooklyn's own Afro Mosaic Soul Dance Company dedicated their dance performance to Willi Ninja and Robert, who they described as an 18 year old dancer who had been following on Willi's steps who had also passed away last week.

DJ Soto did a groovy mix of the current crop of discofied R&B and Carlos Sanchez followed with a funkier groove. DJ Spinna closed the day with his usual uplifting grooves.

Still, the man who stole the show was Baltimore's own Karizma (pictured above) who just blew the place up with his set, which mixed chunky-dubs and extra bass over already pumping tracks and demonstrated his amazing mixing skills. As the organizer, liL Ray said, "hear my words, he's a DJ to watch."

Not that in any way, shape or form does this capture the amazing vibe (the sound quality sucks for one) but I thought some video might show you what I mean. So jump-on over and check these out and tell me that the man was not on fire:
Just simply, magic.


Anonymous said...

Thanx for the Kudoes...for more Karizma Hit me @

Anonymous said...

The photo you posted makes it seem like no one's dancing. Maybe the headline should be "Karisma stuns the crowd!" The videos give the right taste, though. People really carry on -- and not just on the stage. A lovely function.