Friday, September 15, 2006

Noticed: Missing at Bill Clinton blogger reception in Harlem

A secret: Say whatever you say but I rarely if ever check The Huffington Post, Daily Koss, InstaPundit or any of those top political blogs (ok, I confess, I do check on Andrew Sullivan's blog from time to time). But when The Republic of T. writes about this and I get a call from California from a certain Miss Wild Thing to urge me to read this Pam Spaulding blog post, then there's some sort of weird synergy at play. Go to New York's own Daily Gotham and you also get this in which Liza Sabater writes:
These are the 20 liberal bloggers that met with Bill Clinton in Harlem [on Tuesday]. As you can see, not one of them is black or latino.
There is an argument to be made that bloggers might have been chosen based on popularity and alliegance to the Clintons and, as gay blogger John Aravosis says in his AmericaBlog site, (the source of the photo above), "these kind of get togethers are far more interesting on a personal than a substantive level" but for a meeting held in Harlem, the over-sight is a pretty glaring one.

Further thoughts by Pam Spaulding here, Terrance here (which provides additional information on people of color bloggers that were invited but were either not available of did not accept the invitation).


Anonymous said...

wasn't Mr. Boykin available? you'd think he'd be on the radar for the Clinton folks.

John K said...

I posted on this as well, Andrés. Typical, typical....