Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Advocate's Top Ten Blogs Plus One

Speaking of that "Best of the Web 2006" issue of The Advocate, the editors asked readers to identify their favorite blogs and give us the Top 10.

It's no surprise that some biggies make the list, including conservative pundit Andrew Sullivan's The Daily Dish, the gossipy Pink is the New Blog, the "all things gay all the time" Towleroad, the "let's out all closeted gay Republicans" BlogActive, and, perhaps even Keith Boykin's site which probably draws as many readers as some of those others.

The nice surprise, at least to me, is to see Rod2.0's blog make the list as well as Joe.My.God's blog!

The remaining three blogs, which I know little about, are Some Like It Scott, Dave White Knows and Angry Black Bitch (the only female blogger to make the list, whassupwithdat?). And, come to think of it, no blogs from outside the United States either.

The Plus One? Well, nicely, The Advocate also has a profile of Steven Emmanuel and his QueerKidofColor website (not necessarily a blog, but a great site nevertheless).

As for our own Blog Rolls? I've moved a few blogs around and also added a couple including Joe.My.God, Andrew Sullivan (both mentioned above and which I frequently check up on) as well as Unbeached Whale and one that promises to become one of my favorite reads: ARIA: A Critical Journey Through Popular Culture.

UPDATE: The article is now available online here and lists additional reader favorites in addition to the top ten. They include:


Anonymous said...

[sarcasm]Grr... my marvelous blog didn't make the list![/sarcasm]

I'm glad you posted this. There were a few sites there that I haven't visited, seemingly for a good reason. ;)

Blabbeando said...

I wasn't gonna say A THING but that "Some Like Scott" blog? OMG! Stay away! Sucks in some mega bandwith and it's all Broadway tunage and stuff (ok! Go if you are a Broadway nut! Just don't say I didn't warn you).

Thanks for the comment!

Queer Kid Of Color said...

Thanks for calling my site a great site! That really does mean alot to me!

Much love.