Monday, October 16, 2006

Michael J. Sandy and so many others

Something that was said at today's City Hall press conference (2nd from top) in response to the senseless death of Michael J. Sandy last week stuck with me: We have been here before.

Whether it's Michael last week (holding the crystal ball above); Kevin Aviance (3rd from top making his first public appearance after being assaulted at an anti hate-crime march this summer); Rashawn Brazell (his mom, Desire Brazell, 4th from top, at a Brooklyn vigil this summer to draw attention to her son's murder); Nelson Torres (an employee of the Hispanic AIDS Forum, 5th from top, who survived an attack in 2005); my friend Eddie Garzon (that's his family holding a memorial prayer on the sidewalk where he laid bleeding five years ago this summer, 6th from top), Sakia Gunn, Rodney Velazquez, Dwan Prince, Julio Rivera, it's as if history keeps repeating itself.

This must stop. Unfortunately, I have the feeling that it won't be long 'til we see more of the same. Please help me to make sure that it does not.

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Bernie said...

Michael Sandy wasn't the first and sadly won't be the last. And where does it end? How do we make real change beyond speeches and rallies?

Anonymous said...

It's just awful I didn't hear about this til now. It's people like the repulicrats that've fucked over the gay community for too long. It's a shame that this has to happen. It's also awful that I live in michigan and we passed the anti gay marriage bill here into our constitution. It's absurd! It's time for a change. Marriage for everyone, safety and shared healthcare for everyone. Stop the oppression, stop the racism, homophobia, sexism everywhere. Thank you for posting this, otherwise I would have not known about it. - Drew 18 michigan.

Will said...

This sort of thihng makes me cry. I hope we continue to talk about it so people recognize the tragedy. Michael Sandy Trial