Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Must read: Keith Boykin's interview with Staceyann Chin

For anyone who followed the protests against LIFEbeat this summer for hiring a couple of homophobic dancehall reggae singers to perform at an HIV/AIDS fundraiser (or who has followed efforts to counter homophobic violence in Jamaica and the Caribbean as well as the ongoing protests at US tour stops by some of these same artists), you should immediately head over and read an interview posted today on Keith Boykin's blog with poet, artist, actor and activist Staceyann Chin (pictured above along with Colin Robinson and Joey Pressley at a press conference on July 13th outside the LIFEbeat offices).

It's as illuminating a piece on the issue of homophobia in Jamaica, the Caribbean and dancehall reggae I have read in a long time and touches on the complexity of having non-Caribbean individuals respond to these issues, on engaging a Caribbean-based response, on not only holding the performers accountable but also the record companies, and on whether singers such as Buju Banton or Beenie Man are truly bad persons.

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