Sunday, February 25, 2007

BLARG! Spot the blogger

Last night I had, like, the gayest night in eons as ventured out of my weekend Queens confines and strutted my stuff down the East Village.

Walking down St. Mark's Place I realized just how shockingly long it had been since I had done such a thing, a point which was sadly driven home by noticing that one of my favorite CD shops back in the 1990's had "Out of business!" signs all over its windows (there were also signs announcing a number of new high-scale high-rises, one advertising a sun roof pool with amenities, which shows that the East Village is the new West Village, at least in terms of the future of million dollar apartments).

The reason for the cross-borough trip was the often quoted, if little understood 2nd Annual Blarg (legend says that "blarg" comes from merging the words "blog" and "bar" but where is the "o"?). Credit Joe.My.God for coining the term and the haphazard bar-run pattern.

The night started, innocuously enough, by eating arepas with blog roll buddy John (a/k/a Rugger Johnny D's New Gays of Our Lives a/k/a tallest guy in the room as you'll see in the pic above). How an Irish rugby player knows more about arepas joints in the East Village than I remains a mystery but I just loved the butter and guacamole filled Venezuelan arepa that I ordered at the Caracas Arepa Bar on East 7th. I am sure they were trans fat free, so yum!

From then it was on to bar-hop heaven (or hell?) as we made it to the Nowhere Bar a bit late for the first hour of blarging. So late that we were having our first drinks as everyone was making their way to the next bar, Phoenix. Somehow we caught up and by the time we got to Dick's Bar some people even caught on that we were among the participating bloggers! Yay!

John, who bounces at Big Lug on Friday nights, somehow convinced me to go follow the crew all the way to Avenue A, if only because I was a Big Lug virgin. By then I had already been privy to tales of Brokeback Mountain Ken Dolls, clothing-optional pizza parties (how come I wasn't invited?), and dildo-strapping Mexican moms.

I also met fellow blog rollers Manhattan Offender and Habitat67 (check blog links on the right).

Let's say that Dick's Bar was enough cock for me. I called it quits at Big Lug but a certain few made it to The Cock (not me and I still only made it home at 3am! Yikes!).

All in all a great night!

John has a better recap than I do - and a few more pics - here (btw - I'm no wuss, I just needed some beauty sleep).

Other partakers:
PS: Yes, I am shortie in the pic above (photo from Joe.My.God blogspot)


Anonymous said...

I had fun hanging out dude... we need to do it again soon.

Some more pics:

Anonymous said...

Was considering going - though I'm not as well known as you or others. But then I remembered that I don't have it like that ($$) so that was that.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's sort of a good thing I didn't because judging from all the pics you guys have been posting, I seem to be the only gay blogger in NYC with a full head of hair.