Thursday, February 08, 2007

Update: Michael J. Sandy and Edgar Garzon murder hearings underway

Today's Gay City News has articles on two ongoing hearings related to the local murders of two gay men.

As we have previously reported, Gay City News says that bail has been denied for one of the men accused of being involved in a hate crime against Michael J. Sandy last October in Brooklyn. The New York Times also had something to say.

Interestingly, Gay City News editor Duncan Osbourne also reports on a preliminary hearing for the accused murderer of a personal friend of mine, Eddie Garzon. I knew that the hearing was imminent but had not heard a word until now.

Among the new revelations:
  • 38 year old John McGhee, the accused murderer, has a wife and son who live in London.
  • A witness identified as "Ya Ya'' seems to be the lead witness and perhaps the person who was driving the car the night that Eddie was attacked. Gay City News identifies "Ya Ya" as the lead witness even though his identity has not been revealed.
  • Police say that when they caught up to McGhee once he was deported from the UK last year after being denied citizenship in the UK, his first comments were "What am I looking at? Three, four, five years?"
Let's see what happens down the line. Hopefully justice will be served.

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