Wednesday, April 11, 2007

If I had time...

If I had time, I'd probably blog about:

1. Puerto Rico debates civil unions for same-sex couples: My friend Pedro Julio Serrano's amazingly moving speech today in Puerto Rico asking a panel that is currently reviewing changes to the island's civil code to approve language that would grant civil union status to same-sex couples. El Nuevo Dia says that he began his declaration by kissing his partner, Steven Toledo on his lips shocking some legislators. Earlier the paper also said that, at the end of his speech, Pedro Julio began to call on several same-sex couples in the audience by their names and, one by one, they stood up as he told the audience that "We are just as human as you are, we are just as equal as you are, we are just as Puerto Rican as you are. Honorable legislators, please do what is just, do what is right: Please validate equal rights before the law of all human beings. Everyone is everyone" (photo above by Andre Kang of Primera Hora; some people cried).

2. Lesbian Judge Karen Atala might settle custody suit with the Chilean government with the help of a New York based attorney: In a case before the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights Chilean judge Karen Atala alleges that her country discriminated against her by granting custody of her daughters to her ex-husband only because she was a lesbian. Now comes word that the suit might be settled if Chile agrees to Atala's terms (see Rompiendo el Silencio). Her lawyer, Macarena Sáez, is based in New York City and some US agencies have filed amicus briefs on Atala's behalf.

3. Transgender murders in Chile increase: The Santiago Times via has the details.

4. Gays in Turkey: The Turkish Daily News reports on recognition of gays and lesbians in the country.

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Bloggernista said...

Pedro's actions were dead on. Its past time for us to demand equal treatment under the law. I am not Puerto Rican and don't know much about LGBT life there, but I do know that we will not win equality until we demand it. To paraphrase Debbie Allen from the television show Fame, "You want equality? Equality costs. And right here is where we start paying in sweat!"