Monday, May 14, 2007

Latina trans teen elected Prom Queen at California high school

Photo: Vera and [her] best friend Mickey Gonzalez pose for their official prom photo (Mark Crosse / The Fresno Bee)

Mere weeks after a Fresno, California Latino transgender teen tried but failed to get chosen as Prom King during his high-school's prom night celebration, a Latina transgender teen was crowned Prom Queen at a different Fresno high school over the weekend.

In winning the crown, Johnny "Crystal" Vera - from Roosevelt High School - said that she had been inspired by Cinthia Cobarrubias' recent attempt to get the Prom King crown at Fresno High School, even if she had never met Cobarrubias.

Vera is on the school's cheerleading squad and was rumored to be a 5 to 1 favorite.

Vice Principal John Leal, who describes himself to the Fresno Bee as a "traditional Mexican macho" said the administration had no problems with Vera running for Prom Queen: "It's not our job to judge. We don't allow discrimination in any form here."

Local ABC affiliate KFSN has video of Cobarrubias' historic run for Prom King and of Vera's preparation for her prom night here and of Vera's crowning here.

Incidentally, this week's Newsweek also has a cover story on what it means to be transgender in the United States today.

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Anonymous said...

According to the Fresno Bee article you linked to, "Vera prefers the pronoun 'she.'" Unless you have some reason to doubt the truth of that, it would be nice to honor Vera's choice are remove the photo caption referring to the new Prom Queen and "his" best friend.