Saturday, May 12, 2007

A MEME: The Great Imperative

So, out of the blue, I've been MEME'd (huh?) by Unbeached Whale. Seems that The Great Imperative MEME was originally 'broughten' by Geoffrey Philp which begat Professor Zero which begat Unbeached Whale, which begat, well, you get the point...

So what has been the great imperative in my life? I guess for the longest time it was, to put it in the crassest terms, this, but now that former youthful idealism has been shaped by experience - and as that great imperative now looks a bit trademarked and generic - I've started to realize that the new great imperative is this. Surprisingly, it's something that I have nearly always put second to my work, my lovers, other important relationships and other interests.

So, for the moment, ego rules, baby!

So, what the hell, just for today, I'll tag myself as well.

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