Saturday, June 16, 2007

Latino LGBT Pride in NYC: 1998

Continuing our look at Latino LGBT organizing in New York through some of the photos I've taken through the years...
copyrighted photo - to post, please ask for permission:

1st ever Bronx LGBT Pride Parade, July 10th, 1998: Yes, Virginia, there once was a pride march down the Grand Concourse Avenue in the Bronx.

Here we have the Puerto Rican Initiative to Develop Empowerment (P.R.I.D.E.) - which was founded in 1995 - joining other organizations on that fateful day. The march would not have been possible without the economic or political support of then-Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer (who would later be defeated in the mayoral race that led to the coronation of current New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg). Alas, the pride march only lasted a couple of years.

On that first parade there were nearly no people watching on the sidewalks and it probably caught those who were walking-by by surprise. But it nevertheless was a victory for LGBT leaders in the Bronx (like Marisol Santiago, Lisa Winters and Crystal Paris) who wanted some visibility for the community in the neighborhood.

Last year Bronx Pride was reborn in a different guise. It is no longer a pride march, instead organizers have come up with a health fair / outing at a park kinda thingie.

As a matter of fact this year's event took place
today! I hope it went well! I also hope that it was free of some of the controversies of last year involving the organizers and current (Evangelical) Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion (who is rumored to be a future mayoral contender once Mike Bloomberg is termed out of office).

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