Saturday, June 30, 2007

Update: A resolution of sorts in the case of Dallas Constable Mike Dupree

In a case that we have followed for a while, The Dallas Voice is reporting this week that openly gay Dallas Constable Mike Dupree has resigned maintaining his innocence in charges made against him even though he has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge.

Dupree, who saw allegations of improper use of his power pile up after it was reported that he had a much younger former lover picked up by one of his deputies and put him in deportation proceedings (the teen was an undocumented Honduran immigrant), resigned only when a judge ruled that there was enough evidence to investigate whether he should continue holding his post.

An independent investigation also detailed in this week's Dallas Voice determined that "Dupree [had] made a habit of inviting young Hispanic employees on dates, trips and cruises; taking them to the basement and making advances."

Dupree told the Voice that it was all an orchestrated campaign to run a gay man out of the constable's office but, in exchange for his resignation and a pledge never to run for another politically appointed office in Texas, all pending charges - aside from a misdemeanor - have been dropped.

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